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The history of Rinse video series continues into 2005 with Sarah Souljah; label owner (Tempa) and promoter of FWD», talking about the long process of applying for a legal FM license (which, for those of you who don’t know, took FIVE YEARS from start to finish).

This is a great insight into how completely driven, focused and determined the Rinse management are. Sarah has put in an immense amount of hard work over the years, being instrumental in the development of Dark Garage/ Dubstep. She is a very inspiring woman, no doubt about it :)

Archive of my latest radio show.

click the link above to catch up with years 1995-9 in the history of Rinse; featuring Slimzee, Lady S.T, A Plus, Jamie Banks and Plague (PAYG).

The Jamie Banks video brought back some good memories of when I first played on the station - started with a couple of Saturday afternoon shows on Pressure with Stamina MC, then we moved to Saturday evenings on Rinse when the stations merged. Travelling via public transport from South-West London to Bromley-by-Bow (and along a dual carriage-way) with a bag of vinyl on one shoulder and a bag of dubplates on the other was no joke! Neither was the lack of toilet at the studio… Fun times haha :)

for all fans of radio - here is part 1 in a series looking at the history of Rinse FM, leading up to the 18th birthday at the end of September.

As Rinse FM reaches it’s 18th Birthday we track down some of the people who have been around since the very beginning as well as the people who have contributed to making the station what it is today. We travelled to renowned Rinse landmarks to conjure up nostalgic memories with some of the original pioneers of Rinse FM.

In a series of short films in the run up to the Rinse 18th birthday weekend, we document key moments of our history. We pay homage to artists who have collectively shaped and influenced the UK music scene. From Lady ST and Uncle Dugs reminiscing on their very first years at Rinse FM, to DJ Slimzee’s fourth-floor ASBO and we take you on a first hand experience into our quest for an FM licence. 

We explore the musical, cultural and social impact that Rinse FM has made not just in London but globally.



respects to the boss, Geeneus!

my latest radio show is now on Mixcloud…

The Next Chapter 18.01.12

TONIGHT! I’m back on Rinse FM for my first show of 2012 with a mixed bag of beats; Drum & Bass, House, Dub Reggae (out come the 7”s) and possibly maybe some Dubstep… I’ll also be playing an exclusive guest mix by Flatliners so be sure to tune in for the goodness »

11PM - 1AM (GMT)

106.8FM in/around LDN, worldwide, or grab the free Rinse iPhone app from iTunes (Tuned In is another good radio app to try)


London 26.12.11

London 26.12.11